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Meet-me-free is a non-commercial project aimed at helping you to meet your soul-mate. But if you want you can buy postal addresses of ALL women available in our database for as little as 0.1 USD per address. Read more.

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Our disclaimer• Please, be careful! If you have received free postal addresses of Russian free mail order brides and sent postal letters to the women, you should realize that your correspondence will go out of our control. Since we do not control correspondence that goes out of our web-site we do not bare any responsibility for your correspondence with Russian women whose free addresses you obtained from our site. Be aware of internet scammers and always contact us if any of the Russian mail order brides from our free addresses catalog asks you for financial help: we will investigate the case and if a woman appears to be a scammer, her profile will be removed and placed in our Russian women black list in order to warn other customers who search for free mail order brides at Meet Me Free. Also do not hesitate to contact us if you find out that an emails or free postal addresses in the profiles are invalid: we try to keep the catalog updated, but it is not that easy with Russian women who post their profiles themselves to different free dating web-sites, and very often mail order brides simply forget about their registration. Remember, Meet Me Free is to help you, not to cheat you!
Russian women• Searching for a husband through the Internet is reality for Russian women and brides from Russia. It is well-known that Russian women outnumber Russian men considerably, and it is very difficult for mature Russian brides to find a nice man when they reach their forties. Well-educated Russian women, who have made careers, raised children, feel lonely without a true soul-mate, but they do not get desperate, they turn to the dating agencies and free mail order brides web-sites, and ready to start a new life with a foreign man.
Online catalog• Meet Me Free displays profiles and pictures of mail order brides from Ukraine and single Russian women sincerely interested in meeting a foreign husband. Our photo gallery of Ukrainian women and Russian mail order brides is updated weekly. We also divide profiles into several catalogs if you prefer to make your choice among women with bikini photos, or among lately added profiles only, or among top 100 our free mail order brides.
Anti scam• A negative thing about Internet dating with Russian women and girls from Ukraine is scam. What is scam? SCAM is obtaining money by means of deception. You should know that we support anti-scam program and warn all Western men DO NOT SEND MONEY! We are concerned about those women who make asking money from Western men their practice, we are trying to fight the business of scamming men. Be aware that this fraud can be run in the Internet by individuals or agencies. We support anti-scam program and warn all Western men - do not send money to Russian women you do not know well, do not mention your income and possessions during correspondence, avoid money topic at all. People in Russia think that life in the West is easy and people there have so much money that they do not know what to spend it for. Do not make Russian women think it is true, be wise and reasonable when a pretty long-legged blonde begs you for some financial help because her mother is ill and you are the only one she can ask for help. We try to save you from scammers and give you possibility to meet an honest Russian women who would become your wife. Use dating agencies where you pay for corresponding and letter forwarding: dating net-works care about their reputation, the agency checks their women-clients identity (so, you avoid possibility to write to a phantom woman), the agency translates and delivers letters to women and do not charge them (so, you avoid possibility to be scammed by need-money-for-internet-cafe-and- translation scenario); besides, you can always ask for advice, help and support. If you are going to use services of an Internet dating agency, avoid web-sites that do not accept payments for the services on-line. When you pay with the credit card, your money leaves a track.
Our difference• How Meet Me Free differs from many other dating and mail order brides web-sites in the Internet? It is different because you can contact the women absolutely free! Yes, you do not pay for anything, we do not deliver any services to you, we only display the profiles and free postal addresses of the women from our single Russian women catalog, and you can get a free postal address of any of the single Russian women whose profile you like. We do check these women: we call them to confirm that the phone number in the profile is valid, the postal addresses provided in the profiles are not fake, and we ask each of our Russian mail order brides provide a copy of passport (or other ID with a photo) to confirm she is real. But this checking is done only once, right before posting profile to the web-site, further on we lose control over this lady's correspondence and do not know if her contact information is still valid, and she is still interested in our services.
Trick• No tricks! On Meet Me Free web-site you really can get free postal addresses, and you really can use any lady's contact information without paying anything. If you like Meet Me Free web-site and if you wish - only if you wish! - you can donate to us to help paying for technical support of the web-site and enlargement of the database of single Russian women with free postal addresses.